• What is Weld County Legal Services?
    • Weld County Legal Services is a nonprofit organization established by the Weld County Bar Association. WCLS helps low-income individuals find legal services at reduced rates in Weld County, Colorado.
  • Can Weld County Legal Services get me a free lawyer?
    • WCLS can refer you to local attorneys accepting “Unbundled Services.” We can provide you with a list of participating attorneys who have agreed to assist in legal matters for limited representation for a reduced fee and in some cases for those who qualify we can find pro bono representation for you. Attorneys can assist with a variety of services including helping you complete legal documents and attending court hearings with you. Applicants must qualify to have pro-bono representation.
    • Look for free opportunities to receive free assistance from a lawyer on our Events┬ápage.
  • What does Weld County Legal Services do?
    • WCLS organizes and hosts various events and classes which provide a variety of legal resources to the community. For more information, visit the Events┬ápage.

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